4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 18th

Shoji Spa & Lodge

You can often hear people say that traveling back in time and doing something small can drastically change the present – but no one talks about how doing something small today, like planting a tree, can drastically change the future. Earth Day has been a globally recognized holiday since 1970 and is celebrated in over 193 countries. We believe we can do more for this important holiday, and therefore more for our beautiful planet.

Here are four ways we can celebrate Earth Day together!


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Use this week to get out in your local community and clean up a part of town that needs it. We would love to see some Asheville locals using the hashtag this week by joining together with other locals and making our great town cleaner! Or even if it’s just joining in the conversation to spread awareness, search the hashtag and share your favorite #trashtag stories.

2) Use Life Hacks to Form Healthy Habits

Spend the day researching and planning life hacks that you can add to your everyday life to benefit the planet. For instance, find out if someone at work lives close and start carpooling! Pick up some reusable bags and start getting into the habit of bringing your own bag to the grocery store to save on paper and plastic usage. You can even take your eco game a step further and begin composting your waste weekly. It is important to be mindful of the products you purchase, which brings us to our next way to spend Earth Day!

3) Think Green While You Shop

Make a list of the products you buy and consume regularly to make sure you can’t be doing a better job minimizing your carbon footprint! Are you buying locally? Local goods can reduce the time it takes for your products or consumables to reach you, benefit local services and economy, and promote the community you are working to improve!

Make sure your products are being made with natural ingredients and are being manufactured by companies with the right intention. It is important to know where your goods are coming from! When you have some great products you know are benefiting the environment, flex your eco ego! Share those local products with your community and do your part in spreading the word! All of our products at Shoji contain all-natural ingredients and are locally sourced, reducing our carbon footprint and our customer’s as much as possible.

4) Non-Profits

Bring awareness to a local non-profit that works everyday to help protect our environment. Do some research today and pick a local non-profit that benefits something you love and get in touch with them to find out how you can make an impact with them.

Here at Shoji, we love working with Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, a local non-profit that has conserved over 75,000 acres of mountain land in North Carolina and Tennessee for the last 45 years. Get in touch with them to see how you can make  Do a little research and pick a local non-profit that you can get involved with to help preserve the beautiful land we inhabit!