Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are all of our Tubs Salt Tubs?

Shoji Offers 3 Therapeutic Salt Mineral Tubs and 2 Traditional Tubs.  Come the end of December 2018 we will complete our conversion and be able to offer 5 salt tubs.  Please call ahead to make your reservation.

What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine, our tubs are amazing.  Many of our guests comment on how enjoyable the rain feels as you soak.  Our private hot tubs are open to the sky so we recommend bringing a hat if you do not enjoy rain on your face.

In the event of Thunder and/or Lightening, we do ask you to exit your tub until passes.  You are welcome to enjoy our Sauna or Spa Lounge in the meantime.

What is the clothing policy?

Bathing suits are Optional in the hot tubs, we ask that when you are walking to and from your tub that you wear the Yukata (Japanese robe) we provide. Our Dry Cedar Sauna and Cold Plunge are both communal. Please keep a towel or robe on in our sauna and bathing suit in the cold plunge.  During massage, our therapist keep you draped with a sheet and a blanket to ensure your comfort.

Are all the tubs private?

Yes! Our tubs are all completely private and can be locked. The front is open so that you can enjoy the scenery of the surrounding forest but no one can see in. The Cold Plunge tub is a communal area, however you can lock the door behind you for a short period of time.

Can I add Bubbles or Bath Salts to my tub?

NO.  ANY Additives to our tubs is Strictly Prohibited.

May we light candles in our tub?

NO.  ANY use of candles or open flames is Strictly Prohibited.  We are in a National Forest.

Will I come in contact with bugs and wildlife while soaking in the hot tub?

Our hot tubs and amenities are outdoors so you may run into a few bugs and critters. We celebrate nature every season of the year.

Can I bring my own wine or beer?

We do not sell beer or wine, but we do allow you to bring your own drinks.  Wine, beer, and champagne are allowed.  No hard liquor.

Please check in your glass bottles with Reception upon arrival so we can wrap all glass for safety reasons. There is a 10.00 corkage and delivery fee.

Per the NC Health Department, we cannot permit glass in the tub areas. We can provide you with plastic cups, wine/bottle openers, and ice.

Can I bring food to eat while I'm in the hot tub?

Yes, snacks are allowed around the hot tubs.  Please check your food & beverage in at Reception upon arrival and they will be happy to set up your snacks and drinks at your hot tub while you shower.  There is a 10.00 corkage & delivery fee.

You have all your items on a nice tray to enjoy during your soak.

I'm staying at Shoji, is there food on site?

All accommodations have a microwave, refrigerator, and coffeemaker. There are no dining services at Shoji.

We do offer a Service, “Takeout Central” , that will deliver takeout food to your room from different restaurants around Asheville for a nominal fee.

Can I enjoy the spa without staying overnight in an accommodation?

Of course!  Shoji is open to the public. We offer Spa experiences starting at 45.00 per person for our Private Spa Pass!  Our Private Spa Pass includes One Full Hour in our completely private hot tub and use of our hot cedar sauna and * cold plunge (Seasonally).

Does Shoji allow pets or service animals?

While we all are animal lovers here, we unfortunately do not allow pets or service animals on property so we may provide a quiet, serene and tranquil visit for all of our guests.

Is a Private Hot Tub Included with my Overnight Stay?

Private Hot Tubs are unfortunately Not Included with any accommodation stay.  Please Reserve your Private Spa Pass, Massage or Spa Package by contacting our Spa Coordinators at 828-299-0999.

Are the massage rooms private?

Our massage floor is divided by large Shoji screens creating visual privacy.

How far from downtown Asheville are you located?

We are approximately 10 minutes from downtown.

How far from the Biltmore House are you located?

We are approximately 15 minutes from The Biltmore House.

How far from the Grove Park Inn are you located?

We are approximately 20 minutes from the Grove Park Inn.

Are the tubs chorinated?

Yes, per the NC Health Department we must use some amount of chlorination. Additionally, our tubs are completely cleaned through continuous circulation every 10-15 minutes.

Are there age restrictions?

For lodging and hot tubs, the age requirement is 12+ and for massages it is Adults 18 and over.

Is gratuity included?

No, it is not included in our pricing. It’s typical to give 20% on spa services.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early for your appointment to follow the Japanese tradition of bathing in separate waters.

Do you allow groups in the hot tubs?

Yes, our tubs fit 6 people comfortably.

If I am pregnant, can I use the hot tub?


Do I need to bring anything with me?

We will provide you with the necessities; Yukata (Japanese robe), towel, sandals. The rest is up to you!