The Details Behind the Bliss

About Our Medical Massage Chairs:

  • Zero Gravity with Heating
  • Deep Tissue Shiatsu Full Body Massager
  • Yoga Stretch
  • Pain Relief
  • Full Foot Massager
  • Perfect Luxury

Shoji Massage chairs are the only massage chair designed by over 25 doctors, surgeons, chiropractors and pain specialists. When you sit in our chair, it scans your body then positions the massage rollers so you have the best massage tailored to your needs.

Our chairs feature Japanese Shiatsu 3D Neck & Shoulder Massage, Ancient Roman Therapy, Turkish Treatment, Ancient Egyptian Massage, Greek Stress Relief, Indonesian Deep Tissue Therapy, New Delhi Yoga Stretching, Swedish Air-Cell Therapy, and Hawaiian Sleeping Massage.

  • DOCTOR BASED: The ONLY massage chair designed by over 25 doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and pain specialists
  • MEDICAL BODY SCAN: When you first sit in the chair, it will scan your body to perfectly customize the position of the massage rollers, so each massage it delivers is the one you need.
  • ADVANCED 3D TECHNOLOGY: With the next generation of 3D massage rollers, you get improved range and flexibility. The 3D technology allows you to control the length of rollers that extend out from the backrest giving you a deeper massage experience.
  • ZERO GRAVITY: This special position distributes your weight evenly across the chair so you will feel virtually weightless, ensuring a deep sense of relaxation as you get a soothing massage
  • CHIROPRACTIC BACK STRETCH: The inflatable air bags in the chair will grip your hips and gently stretch the muscles in your back, relieving tight muscles and boosting spinal health.
  • BLUETOOTH: Connect your phone to your new massage chair to listen to any song in your library.
  • WORLD MASSAGE: With all of the customization settings and pre-program massage functions, you can enjoy massages from all over the world in one chair.
  • UNLIMITED CUSTOMIZATION: We provide a completely customizable massage chair by utilizing an adjustable footrest and shoulder airbags to adjust to any user’s height and width. Recline as far or as little as you want, choose your massage, and adjust virtually any aspect.
  • HEATED MASSAGE: Enjoy the heating function on your chair during your massage with just the push of a button.
  • FULL BODY MASSAGE: From the top of the head down to the toes.
  • FOOT ROLLER AND CALF MASSAGE: The rollers on the feet and calves also feature a heated massage.


Our unique Reflexology Foot Massage System is the first system in the world to do a Complete Reflexology Foot Massage. What does this mean? It means every inch of your feet will be massaged by multiple techniques, and our system is equipped with 3 rows of rollers that cover the entire sole of the foot. Our system also offers Artificial Human Scraping Therapy Massage from heel to toe.


6 different types of human hand massages: Kneading, Flapping, Kneading & Flapping Combined, Shiatsu, Knocking and Rolling (Back Stretch). Combining these 6 hand massages with our 100+ aircell system, and our Foot & Hand Reflexology Massage System, you will feel like


Stretching daily is an important part of optimum health. Daily stretching can improve energy and balance, relieve pain, and prevent future injury. Because of how beneficial it is for your body to stretch, especially with yoga, we have built our Complete Full Body Yoga Stretch function into every massage chair. Our Full Body Yoga Stretch function holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. Get amazing stretches every single day with our Full Body Yoga Stretch function and start reaping the health benefits now.


While many massage chair manufacturers claim that their chairs have body scanning features, most fail to work properly. Our highly advanced Smart Medical Scan technology will detect every part of your body, and deliver a targeted, soothing massage; additionally, the scan can be adjusted manually as well. After you try our True 4D Arm Massage, you will never want to live without this chair. It fully covers every inch of your arms, hands, fingers and finger tips, and massages them from top to bottom, underneath and sideways, all at the same time. Even a real masseuse cannot do all these things at once! This is why you will feel so much better after getting your hand massaged by our True 4D Arm Massage.


From the land of the rising sun comes a massage experience like no other. By targeting specific points in the body with rhythmic pressure, this massage will correct imbalances throughout the body, leaving you feeling stress-free and energized. This is one of the most popular massages, all because of the countless benefits it brings to you.




“I booked a hot tub and massage chair at Shoji,  and WOW!  It was so much more than I expected.   There are multiple tubs are secluded in the woods, giving you privacy and serenity.  Then, the great and caring staff showed me to my massage chair, which looks like something from a space station, and got me comfortable with using it.  I got a 45 minute massage that was fantastic, heat, foot massage that was fabulous, and full body!  Like having a masseuse for every part of your body all at the same time!  -I’ll do it again, as often as I can.  I can’t recommend this enough, especially if you are looking for a mini spa day without exposing yourself to the virus.”